Session 53

Experience the nightmare last night for the first time. Something about it seemed so familiar. Woke with names running through my head, a conversation with AC back in Paris where it was being discussed.

The Wind Walker is present in Trieste.

Unsurprisingly, the others are dubious about what I have told them. It seems that though I am the closest to an expert on this topic out of all of us, my word cannot be trusted on it its own without external validation and corroboration.

It is infuriating. It is clear to see why people like us – AC and myself – can end up on the verges of society when even those who know that this is true, have experienced it first hand, still refuse to accept our greater understanding and educated warnings about the preternatural or supernatural.

Do they have the right to doubt me?

Maybe their minds are merely shying away from the truth as a means to protect them from the horrors that we face, that I comprehend because my additional studies.

It`s true that MD`s actions are confusing me. She joined us at dinner but blanked me entirely. What was it that I walked in on between her and EA? Was it something that she actually liked and is now uncomfortable around me for fear I know their dirty secret? Is it something different?

Now knowing irks me, but there is too much to else to sort out.

Regardless of their inability to accept the truth, I know that Ithaqua is here, and that it is linked with the stories of the Wendigo.

I don’t know how this related to Winckelmann.

I will send word again to AC and hope to receive his response.

When I have time I shall read more on the rituals from the CDG for talking to the outer gods. Maybe I can find out why it is here and what can be done to rectify the situation.


Papers retrieved by Sp and JC bear reference to the Wind Walker! Maybe know they will believe me!

Typically, now some tattered sections of a hand written journal from an unknown person has made passing reference to what I was telling them, they are perfectly willing to accept it. Even my observations of the strange movements in A’s missing arm sleeve are being entertained because of a journal scrap. Maybe in the future I should contrive to find fragments of text with no provenance to convince them of my observations.

Must ask AC how he deals with the uninitiated into the mysteries.

My desire to find something in CDG or the Turkish book have been promoted from a sign of obvious insanity to (currently) understandable necessity.

That status may well change at any point.

Session 53

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