Session 48 preparing to leg it

All going well, in the next few hours we will be out of Venice, swinging round the coast to Trieste and one step closer to being away out of Italy. It’s not likely to stop the F’s from trying to hunt us, but at least it is harder for them once we are in countries they don’t have such a hold over.

We finally have the leg. The mission to get it wasn’t without risk or issue, but the insistence on not taking guns has meant to it has been without an increase to the death toll. Admittedly we are once again a bit more beaten up – Sp’s arm has been badly hacked and EA isn`t going to be doing any dancing or cinematic heroics on that knee for a while. Maybe EA wouldn`t have a banged up knee if he had had either the sword or a gun, but then again, maybe the police wouldn’t have given up on the chase if he was obviously dangerously armed.

No weapon would have helped Sp – he got clubbed by the sword of a huge soldier automaton.

That’s not something you get to say often … or ever, really. In all my years of dealing with trauma, nothing has come close to that.

I can`t help but feel that we – I – have missed too much though. The leg had been used to repair one of the automatons, one of eight and familiar to us. We had seen them before. Back in dream Lausanne. The strange mummer parade:

The Turk and the Winged Lion
The Soldier and the Assassin
The Angel and Death
The Rustic Lad and Lass

Maybe had we done more research on that strange parade we would have come across references to the Campanile of the Piazza Rezzoniani. It could have saved us time, pain and possibly a lot of the blood shed.

And there are still too many questions left unanswered even now:
- If the leg has been in the automaton for half a decade, why is it only now that the waters have been affected, or the influence felt? Is it because we have brought two other pieces with us?
- Will everything go back to normal when we leave?
- Is there something else that we need to do to lift the curse?
- Will it continue till we destroy the pieces?

And who was it who fell from the top of the Campanile when got there? Sp and I agree that we shouldn`t tell EA about it. He is already far to fixated on the concept of the Comte being ghoulish and following our every step. This will just fuel the obsession. Something strange is obviously out there, but what it is? Who knows? We don’t even know if the various grizzly instances are connected to the same perpetrator:
The strange figure in my dream in Poisey;
The visitor to Quitteri who gave her the font piece;
What killed the dog;
What killed Fassia;
What bedecked the torso;
What had been scuttling over the outside of the campanile and fell from the balcony but apparently didn’t make a splash in any sense … not in the river (which he was not over), nor on the cobbles (which he was most certainly over)

Too much still unknown. Maybe closer study of the DS or Prof`s journal will shed some light on things.
Maybe we should start being more careful and studious with what we see in dreams.

Session 48 preparing to leg it

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