Session 3 notes

Session 3 notes

Stable the horses in the area the family had been in.

Move up, aiming to enter the church and get Gilles up to the broken rook area to use as a vantage point to use his crossbow. As moving round the side maniac priest and 10 cultists stand up – half have crossbows.

Gilles shoots the maniac priest. Cultists return fire.


Martinius charges up while rest hunker behind shields. Br David edges towards the church slowly, keeping the shield up. Renard charges up to help Martinius. Gilles gets attacked with magic by the priest, sections of skin being removed from range. Moves up to menace, two of the cultists step in front of the priest.

Final results – Br David got into the church and started to look around, turns out there are 12 statues to the virgin mother. Gilles shoulder barged a cultist out the way and cut down the priest. Martinius and Renard cut down cultists. Only 2 who had been using crossbows survived, running from Gilles.

Checked bodies – priest had a sacrificial knife and a sigil on upper arm.

Renard makes sure all dead.

Take the collected crossbows back to the entrance and set up while Martinius tries to help Br David.

20 more cultists with Raminder come up the hill – look less mook and more brute than the ones already fought. Gilles shoots – kills 2 outright and severely injuries 2, before doors slammed and barred.

Renard gets to one of the rear doors in time to close it, Martinius struggles at his door before helped by Renard to kill the cultist in the doorway and get the door locked.

Gilles gets set up with bow and goes on over watch aiming at the broken ceiling. 2 try and get through, both severely injured. Call goes out to undermine the damage wall instead.

Br David finally finds the package with Martinius’ help while Renard was checking out the crypts, says there is a way out.

All head down and barricade the door with the lids from sepulchres.

Murial of dragon by a lake.

Follow the tunnel, heading east, hear the sound of lapping water.

Arrive at a cistern, but 40’ up from the walk way. Martinius jumps into the water, turns out is deep. Starts swimming to boat on the side when Renard warns that there is something rising out of the water. A literal George-and-the-dragon Dragon!

Session 3 notes

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