Session 24 - 23rd January

23rd January 1923

Milan hasn’t turned out to be the bastion of culture and grace that EA had envisioned.

Cav has gone missing and we have started to look into things after much debating as to whether or not that was a good use of our time, but it seems that this is actually our sort of investigation. Though no one has seen her since she got into a car at the station, we heard her voice last night on way back to our quarters. Searching the side alley that it came from there was no sign of her, just a few strange things:

A dead dry moth on top of a boot print where a witness had seen a figure standing in shadows;

A male musky cologne was smelt;

A chameleon was seen, which aren’t native to this area at all.

Turns out the voice was heard a few more times in different places as if she was on the move but no one is seeing her. Resulted in a brief discussion about astral projection versus bilocation, before going to investigate. JC was the only one who didn’t come to investigate, and while we didn’t see the chameleon at the second site, EA heard it.

Certain MD thinks I am unhinged.

Today hasn’t been any better – EA and I stopped at the cathedral before heading to La Scala and one of the priests, Father Angelico gave me the tour. As it went on he lost more and more of his vitality and was close to tears with melancholy. He started to lament that the congregation at the cathedral was declining as the one at LS was increasing and that the opera house was a place of evil. His emotions got the better of him while I tried to console him – an odd turn of events, me consoling a priest on matters of the spirit – and he ran to the vestry in tears. Got some odd looks.

EA had been talking to some of the prop and costume ladies from LS and seemed excited to talk about what he had learnt – stepped outside to discuss quietly when saw older man on floor, looking like he had lost something. Naturally we offered help, he looked panicked and dropped a jar of dead moths and butterflies and bolted. EA was adamant he knew where he was and ended up accosting the wrong man. The very wrong man indeed, he got arrested for having put his hand on said man’s shoulder.

Have spent the rest of the morning with MD who is understandably concerned. We delivered a bag containing $400 to the American embassy so they could grease the wheels to get EA out. He is understandably shaken and sports the bruises to testify to the intensity of the questioning of the fascist parties personal police.

Not all is so dire; from the papers there is mention of a patron, one Flavio Conti, who has recently shaken off an allegedly erroneously diagnosed case of Tuberculosis who was the life of a recent patron’s party. We know that Cav wouldn’t have gotten into just anyone’s car but would get into a car connected to either LS or a well-known patron. The sudden curing of Tuberculosis seems suspicious, but not if it was connected to one of the pieces of the SS, like the arthritis was. It may be that this patron is in some way responsible for the abduction of Cav, may either have now or had until recently a piece of SS, donated/given to LS which could account for the string of bad luck.

Lots of maybe’s, little certainties, and no idea how this ties in with the odd man with the dead moths and the chameleon, but we are to visit LS early as EA has offered my services as a doctor to treat the many injuries that are apparently happening.

Session 24 - 23rd January

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