S047 ledgers of Marco gremanci

The ledgers of Marco Gremanci

17 September 1917 – it is terrible that materials are scarce and those that exist are devoted to the war effort. Surely a little clay and wax can be donated to the little girls of Venice?

23 November to 23 December 1917 – No entries. A yellowed telegram announcing grandson Marco Gremanci as officially missing in action on the slopes of monte Grappa on November 22 is tucked into page.

29 December 1917 – A terrible blizzard is raging over Venice. We can be thankful that such storms have put an end to the Austrian and German advance, until the Spring at least. During the storm, friends tell me, an odd freak of lightning struck the campanile of the Palazzo Rezzoniani. I must go and see my old friends in the clock tower to see if they are still hale and well.

30 December 1917 to 14 January 1918 – No entries.

15 January 1918 – I have had bad arthritis flaring in my left leg. I have never been troubled with such affliction before. I am sure it will heal as I have prayed to my namesake, Saint Marco.

15 March 1918 – I have just heard that Signor Rezzoniani has died. The poor soul`s body was not found for some days, he was such a recluse. God grant I did right. I hope I gave him peace.

9 April 1918 – The following entry is in a different hand: “Grandfather Marco died of old age pain and grief. God rest his soul.”

S047 ledgers of Marco gremanci

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