Making a Splash

Ah dammit all to hell. It’s gone and gotten all complicated with the blackshirts and the communists. It all started after the funeral….

…our pole-wrangler must have been paid off, as he took us down some back canals and straight to a group of blackshirt thugs who tried to shake us down. Sadly, they hadn’t planned on encountering a bunch of (now seasoned) combatants and, after taking Giorgio down they soon found themselves outmatched. Perhaps a little too outmatched, as at least one of the ones that I shoved into the canal demonstrated a regrettable inability to swim, and James’ now legendary fury took over once again, leading him to club one of them to death with his knobknerrie. It might have been Ok if Mitzy hadn’t been there to see it all – I think she is a little shocked.

We got the wounded back to the hotel and then James and I set off to meet with these lawyers who had been trying to get in contact. Turns out that Karakoff has died (a likely story! He’ll be wandering the dreamlands like Kuranes…) and has left a significant sum to James. I tell you what, Spencer me lad, you have definitely fallen in with the right crowd. Three rich fellows, one of whom has no idea of the value of money and another who is so unused to having it that he’ll spend it like water. So long as this gravy train continues I won’t have to think about nicking anything profitable for ages. Still, guess that gives me more time for the statue pieces and documents.

So, James and I went off and got a bit drunk, so were perhaps a little boisterous when we got back to the hotel and got accosted by some guys (who, it turns out, were communists). Probably didn’t help that we were both also trying to process what we had seen in the canal. There’s no species of fish what have hands, is there?

Anyhow, the commies took us to the safe house that Everett and Travis had fled to. I was a little concerned, to say the least, to hear that Everett had got this from the Milan mob lawyer and was now neck deep in hock to them but I guess what is done is done. There was a lot of debate and discussion and ultimately we agreed with Giorgio and his comrades that they would take credit for the deaths if we would supply them with arms and ammunition. I mean, sure – we’re basically triggering a gang war in Venice, but what the hell.

Today, Travis and I went off to see if we could track down the Devils Simulae (we did, and Travis is working through it. I did think about lifting it but we cant risk the extra attention right now..) and also to get some better idea of the layout of the Basilica. Reckon I know how I’m going to get in (and out) now…

Damn – they’re closing the library for the night. We’d better get back to the safe house…

Making a Splash

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