In Sofia - part five - in the caves

The scene in the cavern was horrific, the dead and broken scattered about like discarded dolls. The pyramid in the centre of decaying heads and skulls was just excessively gruesome. Completely uncalled for.

Initially Travis had been concerned that they hadn`t found the right place as certain landmarks that Bastian had mentioned hadn`t been seen. Looking for the dragonesque maw, he was expecting something similar to the toothed entrance that had lead down into the bowels in Trieste. Here there was nothing so deliberately formed, but as he turned away from the pyramid and looked back at the way they had come he realised that the formation of the stalactites and stalagmites might well be seen in that sort of light.

More importantly as he scanned across the rock formations he realised there were roman numerals and words carved into the very rock.

Could this be it? Could this be the remnants of a containment spell or a protective spell? Or even an account or history that could help? Excitedly Travis pulled out a pad and started trying to decipher the text, sadly damaged and obscured with time.

He ignored the noise that was building around him, he had to concentrate on the words, they were what were important, what could save them all. It wasn`t until Angus shouted his name that Travis started to pay attention to what was happening around him.

He barely believed it when he saw Spencer capering on the top of the pyramid like some demented re-enactment of Rumpelstiltskin, throwing and kicking skulls about while having a tantrum. Some shouting and issuing of ultimatums calm him enough to start down, but the damage had been done and the pyramid was falling.

Travis was not amused as he staggered back to his feet, his head sore from getting hit by skulls. Before he could say anything to Spence there was movement, something with red glowing eyes was charging at him, fangs bared and hissing.

His shot gun went off and the thing staggered under the impact, but closed and tried to slash him with it’s long claws.

Something snapped in him. Moving the shotgun to his offhand, he thrust out his right hand invoking the words of death. Darkness briefly linked Travis to the thing, and it screamed. Not for long though, it collapsed motionless. This was it, Travis had had enough! Anger rose in him, at the things that were trying to kill him, at spencer for his stupidity with the skulls, at his brother for interrupting his studies, and Quentin for that look on his face, as if surprised that Travis could wield actual power. He had had enough!

In Sofia - part five - in the caves

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